Manitoba Cricket Association

Established in 1937

Presently, cricket in Manitoba is organized exclusively under the auspices of the Manitoba Cricket Association.

It is organized on a year round basis (an Indoor and an Outdoor Season) with most of the organized games being played in the City of Winnipeg, but gradually the game is being decentralized and is being played in 5 of the 8 Sporting Regions of Manitoba. [Regions = Winnipeg, Interlake, Westman, Central, Eastman]

The Outdoor Season, which is the standard one day regulation cricket, runs from May to September. The Indoor Season which is a modified form of the game, runs from October in a given year to the end of April in the following year. The Indoor version also consists of:

  1. a 7-a-Side competition that runs from October to December and
  2. a 6-a-Side competition that runs from January to April.

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