Manitoba Cricket Association

Established in 1937



The under mentioned Players’ Code of Conduct is a reminder that cricket is a game which has a rich tradition of sportsmanship behind it. Those who take part in the game are expected to uphold this tradition and the spirit of the game. The Code of Conduct will serve as a guide to the Disciplinary Committee in dealing with infractions. [It will be used in conjunction with MCA Abuse-Harassment Policy.] Appeals to the Executive/Board against decisions of the Disciplinary committee will not normally be allowed, except in cases where new evidence which may have a bearing on the decision, is provided.
    The Executive/Board may in addition to or as an alternative to any of the penalties set out hereunder, impose a term of probation not exceeding two years. Any subsequent offence committed while on probation will ordinarily be dealt with more severely.
    Maximum penalties are intended to be reserved for the worst instances of a breach of the rule or when dealing with repeat offenders.
    The period of suspension will apply to number of games or number of months depending on the nature and seriousness of the infraction. Since the MCA runs an indoor and an outdoor league, SUSPENSION MUST BE SERVED IN (OR MUST APPLY TO) THE LEAGUE IN WHICH THE INFRACTION OCCURRED, AND IF NOT COMPLETED IN A GIVEN SEASON, MUST BE CARRIED OVER TO THE NEXT OR SUBSEQUENT SEASONS. In addition, suspension from one league will debar a player from participating in another league. SUSPENSION MEANS SUSPENSION FROM ALL MCA SPONSORED ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS.
  4. DRESS:
    White or cream clothing only is permitted. No advertising is permitted. Only the name of the clothing manufacturer, test-player endorsement, or your club crest/emblem is permitted. The umpire must make this judgment and the player must not be allowed to take the field. Captains must support the umpire’s decisions, or will be subject to disciplinary action themselves.
    Breach:  Reprimand to maximum of one month’s suspension.
    1. Talking is permitted between members of the fielding team to each other, but not while the bowler is on his run and particularly not close-to-the-wicket fieldsmen in such a way to distract the batsmen.
    2. There must be no talking to umpires except to request information with respect to time, balls left in the over, etc... …or to request permission to talk to other batsman or leave the field etc. THERE MUST BE ABSOLUTELY NO ARGUMENTS OR SHOW OF DISSENT FOLLOWING THE UMPIRE’S DECISION.
    3. There must be no “baiting” or heckling of opposing players. If such is the case and in the umpire’s/umpires’ judgment this constitutes unfair play, then Law 42 will apply (i.e. caution, final warning, action and report).
    All players must be properly registered with the MCA. In any given season players must be released in accordance with the MCA League Local Rules and players must not play in a division not authorized. (Note: Switching of players in the off-season is an internal matter between/among clubs AND IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF MCA TO ADMINISTER OR ARBITRATE).
    Breach:  In addition to loss of points by the guilty team, the player himself may be subject to a minimum one month’s suspension to maximum three months’ suspension and the club may be subject to a maximum fine of $50.00.
  7. VERBAL ABUSE: No verbal abuse, racial slurs, obscene language or threats of violence are permitted, whether directed at teammates, opponents or umpires or members of the Executive/Board. Any such abuse, slurs, obscene language or threats directed at umpires or members of the Executive/Board will be dealt with most severely.
    Breach:  Reprimand to maximum of 10 months’ suspension.
    As far as is possible all umpires should be qualified/certified. While it is difficult to actually prove cheating by individuals, umpires/players who serve as umpires are required to render decisions that are fair and reasonable, to pay due care and attention to the game while officiating and refrain from commenting or coaching their teammates.
    Breach:  Prohibition from umpiring for minimum of one month to a maximum of 15 months; suspension from playing up to a maximum of 15 months where outright cheating is proven.
    1. Force and/or violence (i.e. striking or roughing up another person) are not permitted by PLAYERS, OFFICIALS OR MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION IN ATTENDANCE AT A GAME, except in the case of self-defense. The amount of force permitted by way of self-defense is such force as is reasonable, in light of the nature of the assault to ward off the aggression. Force used under the guise of self-defense which clearly goes beyond that required to ward off aggression, considering the nature and circumstances of the assault, may be construed as an assault in itself, albeit under provocation.
    2. Players are not permitted to make threatening gesture with bats, stumps balls or other implements.
    3. Balls bowled or thrown full pitch at a batsman’s head (“beamers”) with intent to maim the batsman are not permitted.
    4. While assaults on players will be viewed with the utmost seriousness, assaults on umpires and members of the Executive/Board while in the execution of their duty or as a consequence of any decision rendered by them in the execution of their duty, will constitute an offence of the utmost gravity because it will be viewed as an assault not just on the person but an assault on the administration of the game and will constitute possibly the most severe infraction of the Code of Conduct.

    Breach:  Minimum of five months suspension to life suspension particularly where the game of cricket is further brought into disrepute by the laying of criminal charges.
    1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in the Park where cricket is played.
    2. While the enforcement of the liquor laws of the Province of Manitoba is generally the responsibility of the law enforcement authorities, the Executive/Board may take action against any person(s) or member club(s) whose consumption of alcoholic beverages at the Park puts the administration of the game in jeopardy.
    3. Specifically, notwithstanding the imposition of any penalty by law enforcement authorities, the Executive/Board may impose penalties for breaches of liquor laws.
    4. Penalties may range from minimum fines of $25.00 to suspension for a maximum of six months in the case of repeat offenders or conduct which is extreme to the game.
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