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Take the Quiz…Part 2
    Answer each of the following as either TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)

  1. Only the square-leg umpire can call a bowler for throwing.
                      T - F
  2. Once a game has started both captains must agree to any changes in umpires.
                      T - F
  3. The umpire cannot change his decision once the batsman has left the field of play.
                      T - F
  4. The fielding team can appeal at any time up until the start of the bowler's action with the next ball.
                      T - F
  5. Once the umpire has given the batsman not out the ball is dead.
                      T - F
  6. A ball flying off the striker's shoulder (while making a stroke) to the boundary without bouncing counts as 6 leg byes.
                      T - F
  7. The inured striker can be given out stumped if his runner at square leg is out of his ground when the wicket is broken.
                      T - F
  8. A fielder must hold the ball 3 seconds for the umpire to give the batsman out caught.
                      T - F
  9. A fielder cannot touch the boundary line when making or disposing of a catch.
                      T - F
  10. A single appeal covers all methods of being out.
                      T - F
Note: Answers will appear with Third Quiz

First Umpiring Quiz - Answers…

1. - F            2. - F            3. - T            4. - F            5. - T
6. - F            7. - F            8. - T            9.- T             10. - F

The Board had originally changed the result to “match abandoned as a draw” in July 2008.

  ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat said: “I’m gratified the Board reached the conclusion it did as this ensures the integrity of the game and the Laws of Cricket have been upheld.  I am especially grateful to the PCB for its understanding in this matter.”


In connection with this same Test Match, this is what Michael Holding had to say:

 "I resigned from the ICC when they decided they wanted to change the result of the Pakistan game at the Oval [against England in 2006, from forfeiture to a draw], because of politics. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. There is not much integrity at the top level of cricket and, unfortunately, that is the way the whole world is going."

Michael Holding, obviously a man of integrity, is now vindicated.

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