Manitoba Cricket Association

Established in 1937


Outdoor League Competition

the major thrust of Manitoba cricket is in the outdoor league competition that takes place from May to September. Although most of the games are played at Assiniboine Park [Winnipeg], there are other centres in Winnipeg - Waverley Heights and Burton Cummings Community Centre - where cricket is played.

In the regions Virden [Westman Region] and Gimli [Interlake Region] host games in the summer. This league is generally organized in two Divisions with teams playing 45-over games in each division. The winner of Division 1 earns the right to represent the province in the Western John Ross Robertson Tournament which annually declares the Champion Club in Western Canada.

Outdoor 20/20

This cricket that has caught fire around the world had its debut here in 2008 and the players loved it. It will undoubtedly have a lasting place among the outdoor cricketers here.

Fort Garry Cup

Indoor 7-A-Side

This is the last competition of the year and brings down the curtain on cricket for the year. It is run from October to December. It begins after the outdoor competition is over and is played at Burton Cummings Community Centre and schools in the Winnipeg School Division - mainly Wellington School. Teams are divided into two divisions.

Indoor 6-A-Side

This is the first competition in any year and runs from January till the end of April. It is a forerunner to the outdoor season that generally begins in May. Like the 7-A-Side it is in two divisions and is played at Burton Cummings Community Centre and Wellington School.

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