Summer 2015 T20 League Rules

The following playing conditions will apply to the T20 tournament. ICC T20 playing conditions will be applicable except when explicitly defined here. MCA T20 Organizing Committee will deliberate on any matter not covered by ICC T20 rules or defined here.

T20 Organizing Committee

Muhammad Usman
Bhanu Singh
Amardeep Singh
Khuram Dar

  • Game Time: The T20 games will be played in Assiniboine Park and Elwick cricket grounds.
    • Assiniboine Park: The weekend games will start at 5 PM. The start time will be delayed if the regular league game doesn’t end. The T20 game can be switched to a different ground if the league game ends early. For example if the schedule lists T20 game on the North ground  but the league game ends early on the Center ground, the T20 game can be moved to the Center ground. The weekday games will be played from 6 PM to 9 PM.
    •  Elwick Cricket Ground: The games will be played in two slots. 11 AM-2PM and 3PM-6PM.
  • Innings Break: There will be a 10 minute break between the innings.
  • Innings Duration: Each inning will be 80 minutes long.
  • Late Finish Penalty: The batting team will be awarded 5 runs penalty for every 4 minutes exceeding the maximum allowable time.
  • Water Break: There will be no water breaks.

League Format

  • Divisions: There will be two divisions. Premier and Division 1.
    • Premier: Premier division will be played in a round-robin format. The top two teams will qualify for the final. In case of tied points, the team with higher run rate will qualify for the final.
    • Division 1: Division 1 will have two groups, A and B. Each group consists of 4 teams.
      • Round-Robin Stage: The teams will play the other teams in their group in round-robin format and ranked according to their points and then the run rate.
      • Knock-Out Stage: Top 2 teams in each group will qualify for the T20 trophy. Bottom 2 teams in each group will qualify for the plate championship.
        • Knockout game 1: 1st in A vs 2nd in B
        • Knockout game 2: 2nd in A vs 1st in B
        • Knockout game 3: 3rd in A vs 4th in B
        • Knockout game 4: 4th in A vs 3rd in B
        • Winner of games 1 and 2 will play for the T20 trophy.
        • Winner of games 3 and 4 will play for the plate championship.
  • Super Over: The super over will be played in case of a tie.
  • Points: The winner of each game will be awarded 2 points. The rained out, abandoned or tie (super-over tie) will be one point each. The rained out knock-out stage games will be rescheduled. 


  • Clean-up: There will no home or away teams. Both the teams will be responsible for picking up the matting and the boundary markers.
  • Early Start: The T20 game can be started earlier than the scheduled time if the regular league game scheduled on the same ground ends early and both the captains and the umpires agree to the early start.
  • Clothing: All the games will be played using white balls and colored clothing.
  • Scoring/Stats: The teams will be required to email the picture of the scoresheet to the league chairman after the game. The individual stats will not be maintained for the T20 tournament.


Permission To Play Criteria

The following players cannot play in any Div 1 T20 games.


Joe Lovelace, Heera Khalsa, Sampath Wijewerdana, Harpreet Saini, Suresh Jayaraman, Faraz Masqood , Amar Sayed


Jagjit Gurm, Ahad Khojazada, Jairaj Shroff, Kulwinder Johal, Aminder Dhillon, Harinder Warring , Hitesh Modha


Jatinder Matharu, Monty Sharma, Trevor Manoosingh, Vasu Sharma, Raza Ali, Rishabh Jain, SID Roberts , Moaz Qazi , Tochukwu Enwerem


Arib Khan, Jiger Patel, Kamta Singh, Imdad Khan, Garvin Budhoo


Kashif Hayat Ishan Khan, Zahid Khan


Ravinder Khakh