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John Lovelace 

It is with deep sadness we announce the passing of John Lovelace. In Manitoba, John was a cricket player, Provincial captain, President of the MCA for over 25 years and an overall champion for the growth and development of Cricket in the Province and Canada.

John served at the National level in various capacities including Selector National Senior Men’s Team, Executive member and Policies committee.

John changed the roll of cricket in Manitoba and paved the way for cricket to be a recognised as a Provincial Sporting Body. He brought a streamlined process to the governance of cricket and ensure all participants are treated equally and fairly.

John will be truly missed by all cricketers and administrators throughout Canada.


Funeral Service will be on Friday February 7, 2020 at 2:00 pm at Cropo Funeral Home 1442 Main Street, Winnipeg


MCA at Sports Manitoba Hall of Fame


Candidates for 2020/2022

Amrinder Poonia

  Amarinder Singh has been a passionate cricket follower and player and has always wished for betterment and development of cricket.

   He has been a part of Cricket Manitoba for more than six years . He has represented various clubs as a player and is representing his current club as a vice captain. He has always been upright and straightforward in giving unbiased opinions on the matters of importance and has always been part of important meetings with proper feedback on the matters of administrative side.

 He wish to be a part of executive to bring in improvements in cricketing standards, policies, fiscal and administrative management of cricket in Manitoba.

   He hopes and expect the support of Manitoba cricketing fraternity so as to get a chance to serve and bring in an all inclusive approach in dealing with cricketing matters and to work upon bringing effectiveness and efficiency in the various facets such as fiscal, administrative, facility development, on-field governance , accountability and transparency etc. involved in cricket management.

Garvin Budhoo

   Garvin has been the president of the Manitoba Cricket Association for the past 10 years. He was and executive member for several years as League Chairman and one term as the Treasurer.

   Before migrating to Canada Garvin played first class cricket in Guyana. In Canada his Involvement in sports in include:
·         Premier Division player in the MCA League
·         Played for Manitoba men’s team from 1981 until 2013.
·         Played with the Canadian U-25 team in Toronto 1983
·         Played on the Canadian Senior Men’s team for nine years. Participated in two ICC Associates tournament in England             and Netherlands and was on several tours with the Canadian team
·         NCCP level 3 certified Coach
·         Level 1 Cricket coach
·         Level 2 Soccer Coach
·         Level 2 Umpire
  Garvin is currently working in a Project Engineering group and has an Electrical background working in a manufacturing environment.

   He has a passion for cricket and want to see the sport grow in Manitoba and one day to have the necessary facilities needed to bring more International Cricket to Manitoba  

Ifran Naseem

   Being a Computer Engineer, I have developed an online cricket scoring and stats application to keep MCA in tandem with technology. The main Idea behind this app was to ensure fairness in game and prompt availability of player’s stats to eliminate any ambiguities. Moreover, there is a module called Schedule Generator, available in this app which we used this year to make an unbiased schedule of MCA summer league Above all, I have been affiliated with MCA for 8 years as a player and as an umpire too. That’s why I was once awarded as “Umpire of the year” in the past as well.

   As an MCA Executive member, it will be my priority to bring new technologies to MCA for efficient management of our cricket league. To sum up, I aspire to uphold any idea that would not only benefit a club or team but the cricket overall.

Imdad Ali

Imdad played cricket for over 40 years in Canada. Seventeen of those years were played in Toronto where he was a member of Overseas Cricket Club in the Premier Division.

In his earlier years:

    Played on the Canadian Junior team

.     Was a member of the National U-25 team

.     Imdad played two matches for the Canadian Senior team versus a touring West Indies B team in Toronto.

.     Played over 23 years in Manitoba as a member of Lions Sports.

.     Represented Manitoba on many occasions

.     Member of the Executive Committee as League Secretary and Treasurer.

Imdad is currently working for New Flyer as a PDM Project Coordinator in the Production Engineering Group.

Jagjit Gurm

   Jagjit has been playing cricket with the Manitoba Cricket Association for more than 14 years. He has served in the capacity of a coach as well as a captain, leading the Sisler High School cricket team to many wins. In 2005, when Jagjit started playing for Winnipeg Juniors, Jagjit's excellent bowling and fielding performance led the team to win the annual league championship. . The team Winnipeg Blues that Jagjit had been a part of from 2006 to 2012 was unbeatable, and much credit goes to Jagjit's excellent performance. As a captain for Manitoba's under-25 team for 6 years, Jagjit helped the team secure many championships every year. Moreover, Jagjit also represented senior men's team at the national level. He is a well respected player and has an excellent conduct on and off the field. His opinions are always valued and he continues to bring in practical ideas that benefit the leagues. He demonstrates caring attributes whenever MCA needs volunteers to assist in kids tournaments or for other events. He has had a very successful cricket career, and he has managed to secure the best bowler status for more than 3 years.

Jairaj Shroff

   I Jairaj Shroff has been closely working with MCA as Volunteer since last 4 Years.

   I have been Chairman of Umpired from Year 2016- Present.

   I have also represented Manitoba Province as Player since 2014- Present.  I am also premier cricket player who is representing Winnipeg Blues since year of 2013 till present .

   Last year I also got an award for Prestigious Contribution towards Manitoba Cricket.

Paramjit Shahi

Paramjit shahi had been a passionate cricket follower throughout his life. He respects the game as a player and always wish for the betterment and development of the cricket in general and Manitoba in specific.

​He has been associated with cricket Manitoba as a player as well as well as a well wisher and has been working at different levels in the community for the advancement of the game. It includes working with different levels of Governments to secure prime location for cricket ground in Bridgewater along with two practice nets. He made efforts in efficient financial management while bringing in funding of over CAD  70,000 for the said project.

Continuing his sincere efforts an active role was played by him in getting allotted two grounds at La Barrier Park and arranged for funding of around CAD 50,000  for the same. The said grounds were successfully used for organizing matches in the current league season for the first time.

​While making an effort in direction of getting the game to get rid of immigrant sports tag and make it inclusive for all Canadians, paramjit  is volunteering as a cricket convener at Waverley Height Community Centre. The efforts have recently borne fruit when the province has supported with CAD 7000 to start coaching classes for under 19 players being aimed at promoting the game at the school level/early age so as to catch the talented Canadian youngsters at the right age and time.

​His continuous support and future efforts for advancement and development of cricket includes being currently working for allotment of 3rd ground at La Barrier, construction of pavilion for La Barrier ground, arranging funds to plant trees in La barrier.

​He has always aimed to play a positive role & provide unbiased feedback and advice while sorting out and streamlining the various administrative issues involved in management of league cricket. He had always been able to come out in support of the decisions for the betterment of cricket by remaining above the petty club politics.

​If given a chance to serve, he wishes to further evolve and improve the administrative management of cricket Manitoba to more effective and efficient standards . He wish to bring in an all inclusive approach in solving various issues related to cricket and to bring in further improvements in transparency and accountability and while dealing and deciding on important issues involving cricket Manitoba.

Ray Ramrattan

   President, Cosmos Cricket Club 2003 – Present. Rejuvenated the club from 8 members in 2003 to 85 members currently. Introduced and  maintained capable administration, cricket management, discipline,training, support, financial management, and volunteering to build one club with 5 teams that accomplished: One Division-1 championship, Two Division-2 Championships, Seven consecutive Premier Division Championships and One John Ross Championship.

   Convenor of the inaugural Junior Cricket League (JCL) in 2019. Mobilized the community to bring existing cricket programs to form a successful league for 10-19 year olds with 55 players amongst three teams. Able to engage Corporate, Private and Public funding for the JCL to allow free access to the JCL. Provided volunteer opportunities for the cricket community. JCL was 100% powered by volunteers.

   Past MCA Positions: Vice President, Executive Secretary, Treasurer, League Chairman and Umpires Chairman.

   As an MCA Executive member I will focus on proper and consistent governance of all aspects of the association: finance, junior cricket, senior cricket, female cricket, coaching, officiating and facilities management. Focussing on engaging the cricket community to get involved through volunteering.

Maples Indoor Cricket

2019 MCA Junior Summer Camp Registration Form

2019 MCA Junior Summer Camp

Manitoba Cricket Association Summer Camp 2019 Poster

Opening Ceremony of LaBarriere Park Cricket Fields

Recreational Schedule 2019

Manitoba announces the Provincial team

Saskatchewan Tour 2019

June 8, 2019:  Annual School Cricket Jamboree.

May 23, 2019: Deadline for League fee final payment.

May 05, 2019 11:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m: The MCA Third Senior Summer League Meeting at 444 Burnell Street, Winnipeg, MB

May 04, 2019 11:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m: Online Scoring Training at Dakota Community Center 1188 Dakota St, Winnipeg, MB

April 6, 2019: MCA Annual General Meeting at Orioles Community Centre, 444 Burnell Street, Winnipeg, MB from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

March 31 11:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m: The MCA Second Senior Summer League Meeting at Clifton Community Centre, 1315 Strathcona Street, Winnipeg, MB

March 15,16 and 17: Umpiring Clinic

March 1: CLMS Training Part 1: Player Registration (more detail)

February 28, 2019: Last day of Team Registration in 2019 Outdoor League

February 10th, 2019: 2019 Outdoor League First League Meeting

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2019 Outdoor League Teams


Bloomfield CC, Cosmos, Crescent CC, Five Rivers, Lions 1, MB Eagles, Sher-e-Maples, Winnipeg Blues

Division 1

AICC, Bengal Tigers, Blues 2, Brandon Tigers, Cosmos Kings, Cosmos Lancers, Crescent Stars, Mb Eagles 2, U-19, Winkler Royals

Division 2

Bengal Tigers2, Bloomfield 2, Brandon Renegades, Cosmos Academy, Cosmos Spartans, Fiver Rivers 2, Lions 2, Royal Kings, Royal Tuskers, She X1, Trailblazers, WFC Black Hawks, Winnipeg Warriors

Umpiring Clinic

The MCA will be holding an umpiring clinic the weekend of March 15,16,17.

This clinic will qualify Level 1’s Level 2 ‘s and is available for Level 3’s

A number of umpires took the level 1 last spring and the ones who passed (you would have received a certificate) will be allowed to do level 2.

If you have any certification from David Nathan, please present them and you will be able t[o do level 2.

If you do not have any certification please take level 1 which will set you up for all future levels.

Anyone who has level 2 certification can take Level 3.

All registered team with the MCA Must have at least 2 umpires with the proper certification

Online Players Registration

For 2019 Season Club/Teams can register player online from the scoring portal menu.

Please Note
  • Minimum 11 players must be registered with a single team by March 31.
  • League Admin will not approve any player of the team until the team has a minimum of 11 players.
  • After the player is registration is approved; to enable the team to participate in a league the team admin requires to update the player profile with a mailing address as well as the Player Profile picture.
  • Registration is open 24/7 in March and April. Once the season is close to starting, the weekly deadline for registration will be set.
  • A player registration request is eligible to be approved only if the team has no past dues.


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