2017 Summer Stats

Instructions for League Stats

For the stats of League Players and the Teams Standings on the website all teams should follow the instructions below:

  • Send following by email to stats@cricket.mb.ca
  • Game Day Team List with Full Names (USE PRINT LETTERS,No Pet or Nick Names Allowed)
  • The screen shot if both side of Score Card that has:
    • Home and Away team listed on the top
    • Date and location i.e. Assiniboine Park S
    • Umpire names
    • Correct calculation:
      • Each batsman total runs with balls faced, if out who was bowler and how out.
      • Total of All Batsman runs
      • Total of Extras
      • Each bowler total runs and wickets and number of overs
      • Grand total of all above should match with runs counts on right top area.
      • Result: Won by {how many} wickets OR Lost by {how many} runs.
  • If full scorecard is not provided to Umpires by the end of the game your stats won’t be considered.
  • After game finishes We want all scores cards to go in their respective binders you pick up from

Above applies to all divisions i.e. Premier ,Division A and Division B