Andy Johal

Andy is an all rounder and plays for AICC.

Quotes from Andy:

I started playing cricket at the age of 11. I continued playing at the age of 24 when I moved to Canada.

My favorite batsman is Zeeshan Siddiqui and the favorite bowler is Sunny. I like the composure in his bowling. Very few people know that I brought Sunny to the park in Winnipeg after I saw him practicing at a school event.

My memorable year was 2002 when I was the MVP of division 2. I remember a game where I hit Sri for three sixes.

One thing I would like to see improved in Manitoba cricket is the development at grass root level. We have to rely on the kids born and raised here as opposed to being labelled an immigrant sport.

My prediction for Summer 2014 is that AICC will win the league. Although Five Rivers is going to be a team to beat as well. They may surprise a few teams.